So you have probably seen a dope animation video and wish to learn how to do that kind of art. You just arrived at the perfect place. 

The GlowPRO Workshop is an online course focused on the  Glow / Neon animations  you see on instagram. The Workshop goes from beginner to advanced level, teaching you the step-by-step of the effect, everything 100% in practice, so that at the end of the course you are able to animate and finish a full project. Explore the most of your creativity and bring your ideas to your video.

Is this workshop for me?

If you have Adobe After Effects and want to learn one of the coolest and rarest effects out there, totally. Also this is the only and most advanced workshop on this specific effect you'll ever find.

How much is the workshop?

The value delivered in this workshop is worth many hours of After Effects studies, animation techniques that people usually dont talk about and one of the best animators out there teaching you. I could easily precificate this over $150, but one of the reasons I made this course was to help small animators. You will get the full workshop for $49.

What do I need?

To get started you just need your creativity, a computer or notebook and the Adobe After Effects software.

The workshop has a total of 9 classes and around 1 hour of duration. 

Developed by Caio Kronemberger, creator of the page @kronemmedia on instagram, where several partnerships with major influencers were made, such as @nianaguerrero ( 12,1M ), @ranzkyle ( 5,2M ) , @kidathegreat ( 4,3M ), @dance10fikshun ( 1.7M ), @tiagomontalti ( 1M ), among others. Enough repertory to teach you the best techniques to create beautiful animations.
  • 9 Full Classes
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Develop and Unleash your Creativity
  • Increase your engagement on social media 
  • Learn the Animation Principles in Practice
  • Increase your After Effects Repertory
  • 3 Advanced Classes : Gold Effect, Glitch Effect and Multiple Glows 
  • 15 Days of Warranty
  • Beginner to Advanced
  • No 3rd Party Plugins!

Get to Know the Technique on our Free Tutorial

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15 Days Warranty 

If in 15 days you feel that the course was not useful for you, we will return your investment.
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